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3 Ways to Remove Nail Polish Stains from Your Finger Nails

3 Ways to Remove Nail Polish Stains from Your Finger Nails

By israelipanda

Discovering the wonders of gel nails (nearly flawless for three weeks?!!) is a lifesaver for anyone who struggles to maintain a regular manicure for more than three days. can alter one’s life. However, the worst thing about gel nails is when you have to take them off but can’t.

You can either pay someone else to remove your nails or go back to the salon and stab, scrape, and peel your fingernails for what feels like hours. The latter is not even an option right now because of self-quarantining for coronavirus and social distance.

So, I tried three different approaches to see if there was a better one.

#1 Method:

The jar from the store that you’ll need: whatever item you buy in the drugstore’s nail polish section.

There are numerous “over-the-counter” gel removal options available at your local pharmacy. The fact that you won’t know how they work until you get them home is frustrating.

This one was basically a sponge in a jar that had been soaked in acetone. I was instructed to twist the jar with my finger, implying that my nail color would magically come off with this one simple motion. I then twisted and twisted and twisted, but nothing came out. I attempted numerous times! The polish could not possibly be removed.

#2 Method:

Wraps made of aluminum foil are needed: Acylene to remove nail polish, cotton balls, aluminum foil, and a nail file

The procedure is fairly straightforward, and if you have ever had a gel manicure removed at a nail salon, you will likely recognize the steps because nail technicians typically carry them out.

To begin, remove the shiny coating of the gel polish from your fingernails by buffing them with a nail file.

After that, thoroughly soak a cotton ball in acetone. To keep the soaked cotton ball in place, wrap your finger in a small square of aluminum foil and place it on top of your polished nail. Repeat for each finger on your hand.

My fingers turned a troubling gray after the cotton ball soak, but the polish had bubbled and puckered for ten minutes, which was encouraging. I had a hard time wrapping the foil with all of my fingers because it was so cumbersome and annoying. In addition, the cotton ball-swipe method of completing the polish removal did not really work, and that made my fingers feel rough and kind of painful. This method is pretty effective if you scrape off any remaining polish with something else, like an orange stick.

#3 Method:

You’ll need a double boiler: Hot water in two bowls, a nail file, acetone to remove nail polish, and an orange stick

When it comes to baking, I adore a double boiler because, hello, melted chocolate! However, I was unaware that it could be used in any other setting. It removes nail polish in the following manner:

To begin, remove the shiny polish finish from your nails by buffing them with a nail file.

After that, add hot water to a large bowl and place a smaller bowl inside. That bowl should have acetone nail polish remover in it. In the small bowl, soak your fingers for ten minutes. After that, scrape off the remaining polish with an orange stick.

The decision: Success!!! This approach was the clear winner. It was super-effective, super-clean, super-cheap, and didn’t even require any actual supplies. The polish just pushed off immediately.

There you have it, then! Have trouble with your old gel manicure? Avoid peeling and using double boiling!