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Eyeshadow Colors to Make Your Tan Pop

Eyeshadow Colors to Make Your Tan Pop

By israelipanda

Brown eyes come in a plethora of stunning hues. Brown eyes vary widely, from honeyed amber to deep chocolate to sparkling russet. Additionally, if you have brown eyes, the right eye makeup can highlight and enhance your eye color in a variety of ways.

Even though brown eyes look great with any shade of eyeshadow, there are a few that stand out when it comes to enhancing and complementing your eye color, whether you want to go for a glam look or go without makeup. It just takes some practice and, of course, the right products to figure out which shades will make your brown eyes stand out.

We talked to makeup artists Lauren Berlingeri and Ashley Gomila to get their expert advice on how to really make your brown eyes stand out, no matter how experienced you are with makeup.

The Color Wheel Is Commonly Used by Makeup Artists to Find Shades That Go With Blue Eyes or Green Eyes. The Best Eyeshadow Colors to Make Brown Eyes Stand Out Similar hues are grouped together on the color wheel, while contrasting hues are placed directly across from one another. According to Berlingeri, “go across the color wheel and use color in the opposite direction if you’re trying to pop an eye color.”

Shades in the pink and red family, for instance, can assist in making the eye color appear more vivid because red is opposite green on the color wheel.

Brown doesn’t show up on most color wheels because it’s a neutral color. This means that almost any color will look good on brown eyes. Having said that, makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts frequently use a select few winning shades. Green, gold, purple, and gray eyeshadows are almost always successful for brown eyes.

The shades of green eyeshadow available range from light sage to deep emerald. The shade you use really depends on your eye color and the look you want to achieve with your makeup. Try this simple eye makeup tutorial:

  • To deepen and emphasize the warmth of your eye color, try a jewel tone like ESTATE COSMETICS Eye Shade in Schmoney if you have dark brown eyes.
  • Use a small eyeliner brush to pat powder across your upper and lower lash lines for a subtle, soft liner look, or swipe it across your lid for a smokey eye look.
  • According to Gomila, “I love doing a green shimmer cat eyeliner with an eyeshadow.” To achieve this look, simply mist a small angle brush with a setting spray and dip it into the eyeshadow of your choice.
  • To play up the gold and lighter tones in your eyes, try a minty green or a soft metallic shade of eyeshadow if you have hazel eyes or light brown eyes.
  • Berlingeri suggests pairing a neutral lip and neutral blush if you want to go bold with green eyeshadow. 

When it comes to brown eyes, your best gold eyeshadow suggestions come from both makeup artists. “Warm eyeshadow like copper, bronze, and gold can bring out the dimension in brown eyes and be very complementing,” according to Berlingeri. And despite what you might think, the shade isn’t too scary. Gomila adds, “When looking for a color to accentuate brown eyes, my go-to is gold toned eyeshadow.” Because it makes a darker eye color more alluring and captivating, I favor that shade.

Simply adhere to these easy steps:

  1. Even though gold may appear to be a bold shade, soft shimmery shades like the SPACE CASE COSMETICS Eyeshadow in Gold Base are often appropriate for day-to-day use. Your brown eyes will be highlighted by the color, which also adds just the right amount of shimmer.
  2. Additionally, gold is an excellent choice for creating a smoky, glowing eye.  As a highlight, smudge a lighter gold, like the SPACE CASE shadow, along your brow bone.
  3. Smudge kohl liner along your lower lash line and apply mascara to your gold smokey eye to create the grungy look that is so popular right now.

Your Favorite Ways to Use Purple Eyeshadow Purple eyeshadow is yet another option that is surprisingly adaptable. There is a purple eyeshadow look for you, regardless of your skin tone, in shades ranging from deep eggplant to light lavender to bold amethyst.

  • Try a shade like Wicked from CIATÉ LONDON Marbled Metals Eyeshadow for a highly pigmented eye look. Make this shimmery shade the focal point of your makeup look.
  • Berlingeri advises, “Use matte shadows in the crease first and pop shimmer on the lid” when working with extra shimmery shades like these.

Your Favorite Hints for Using Gray Eyeshadow Gray eyeshadow is universally flattering and looks amazing on brown eyes. It comes as a surprise and is especially contemporary this season. It is certain to be a color that you will frequently reach for due to its numerous uses.

  • For a striking contrast, go with a cool-toned gray if you have warm brown eyes.
  • Another stunning eyeliner shade that you can use is dark silver.
  • For a neutral smokey eye, darker brownish grays are a must-have shade.
  • We love KALEIDO COSMETICS Diamond Foils Eyeshadow in Sizzle, a cool-toned silver shimmer. For a fun, futuristic monochromatic look, use it as a highlight color on the inner corner of your eyes or on your brow bone, or swipe it all over and pair it with dark eyeliner.