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Learn With Me: To Choose the Eye Shadow Color for Your Skin Tone

Learn With Me: To Choose the Eye Shadow Color for Your Skin Tone

By daniele

Hello everyone! Following this section of learn about makeup, today we are going to understand how to choose the shadows according with you skin tone and undertone. 

We know that identifying our skin tone is a crucial step in choosing the most complementary makeup shades for our complexion. Here are some tips that share the makeup artist Ada Trinh, to help us understand which eye shadow hues are the most reliably flattering and enhancing on different skin tones.


The best colors for fair skin tones are taupe’s and grey-beige. Because the pinks and reds paired with pale skin tend to bring out the redness around your eyes, which can make you look sick or exhausted.


Mrs. Trinh, recommend using rose golds or bronze shades. These are universally flattering and complement both cool and warm undertones.


If you have darker skin, choose a shadow with a deep bronze shimmer or burgundy: your eye will instantly look brighter. Avoid white or any pale colors, as they tend to make skin look a little ashy.


For those with deep skin tones, select an emerald green or purple. These colors not only pop against the complexion, but they also flatter both cool or warm undertones.

Shadows according to your eye color

You are probably wondering … Why it is important to know this? Well, the idea is that you never understand the feeling of disappointment, when an eye makeup does not see equal as phenomenal in you as in the model you see in the photo on the web.

And this happens dear friend, because just as with clothing colors, not every shade of eyeshadow is suitable for us, sadly.

As a general rule, you can be guided by any color wheel as follows:

  1. Search for your eye color on the wheel (the closest match).
  2. For a natural, elegant and flattering make-up, choose shades close to yours, both in the same color and in those that appear right next to it.
  3. To highlight your eye color, look on the opposite side of the wheel, where you will find the opposite color and its range of shades.

Also, as a general rule, the colors closest to your eye color will be the most appropriate for the base of the eyeshadow; while the opposite ones can be used to give a touch of light under the eyebrows or on the tear trough. For the banana of the eye, it is best to use a darker shade of the colors that are right next to it on the color wheel.

Know Your Undertone Before Selecting Shadows

Now to choose eye shadow colors, it is important to keep your undertones in mind as well. To figure this out, exist a tip where you must stand in natural light in front of a mirror, (make sure your neckline and face are visible).

  • If your skin overall tends to have more yellow compared to red, then you are considered warm.
  • If you have redder/pinks than yellow, you have cool undertones.

Another trick, if you do not understand your undertone with the advice of the mirror, is to pay close attention to your favorite jewelry. If gold best complements your skin, then you are warm. If you favor silver jewelry, you are cool. The experts suggest sticking with earthy colors if you are warm-toned. If you are cool, grays, and metallic are beautiful as they create dimension and balance out the red in your skin.

Tip: Use an Eye Shadow Primer Close to Your Skin Tone, as this helps to cancel out darkness and even out your skin tone.