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Lizzo is Officially Tired of Body Shaming

Lizzo is Officially Tired of Body Shaming

By israelipanda

In a recent tweet, Lizzo proposed that comments on the subject should cost money because she is done putting up with being targeted for their bodies, echoing the sentiments of many others.

The musician spoke in a video on a beach in a bikini about some of the comments she has received about her body on a regular basis from people who think they have the right to dictate how it should look.

 I liked your body before,’ to ‘oh my gosh, you’re so big, you need to lose weight, but for your health,’ to ‘oh my gosh, you need to get a– or t—ies or something,’ to ‘oh

Twitter posted a warning about her video’s “sensitive content” despite the fact that it contained only a few curse words and her body, perfectly illustrating her point about how the culture heavily polices bodies. Yet, all of the Matt Gaetz-starring C-SPAN videos have not been removed.)

“Are we alright?” Lizzo went on, ” Do you see the fantasy? Are we aware that artists are not here to conform to your ideals of beauty? This body is art, and artists are here to create art. And with this body, I’ll do whatever I want.”

In the previous year, it is unlikely that this will be the last time that someone has asked everyone to leave unsolicited body comments. Fatphobia, like other forms of bigotry, has remained persistent over time. Nearly all women can recall having received unwelcome remarks about their bodies at some point in their lives.

More than just Lizzo’s mood is affected by this. A comprehensive examination of studies on the prevalence of eating disorders from 2000 to 2018 revealed that, despite increased awareness and research, these disorders are increasing worldwide. In 2020, it appeared that the COVID-19 pandemic’s stress was making the issue even worse.

It is imperative that we listen to Lizzo here and leave the body comments in the past due to the fact that eating disorders top the list of mental illnesses with the most fatalities, excluding opioid addiction. Many people who commented on Lizzo’s video on Twitter, some of whom agreed to pay the $5.99 fee for the privilege, expressed sentiments that are similar to Lizzo’s and related tales of how their own bodies have been policing by others for decades.

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The actress elaborates on diet culture and how it can foster a negative relationship with self-image as she finishes cutting the tomatoes.

She says, recalling the entertainment industry’s role in promoting diet culture, “Food is a part of it, but body image for women is a major thing from the moment you start growing thighs, bums, and boobs and all of it, everything starts changing and your relationship with food starts changing.” I had a weird start to my career, but that was because I didn’t follow the rules, which I think made people confused, especially in Hollywood.

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