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The 15 Best Face Tanners for a Natural-Looking Glow

The 15 Best Face Tanners for a Natural-Looking Glow

By israelipanda

The amount of dihydroxyacetone, or DHA, present in the formulation is perhaps the most significant distinction between body and face self-tanners. It is the primary component of every tanning product and the only active ingredient that the FDA has approved for sunless tanning. According to DiMarchi, self-tanners for the body typically contain 8 to 12 percent DHA, whereas facial formulas typically contain much less for a flawless, subtle glow. DiMarchi, who has Shay Mitchell and Molly Sims as clients, adds that other benefits include hydrating and plumping the skin as well as a complexion that is brighter and more even.

The various types of face self-tanners Face tanners are not universally applicable. There are actually a lot of formulations available, so your choice will be based on your preferences. DiMarchi breaks down the most prevalent types of self-tanning products into:

  • Drops: Self-tanner drops typically have the highest concentration. DiMarchi explains, “These are good if you want instant gratification, like if you want to be tan and are going to Mexico the next morning.”
  • Butter: ” She says, “Anyone who likes a minimal skin care routine will love this multitasking formula.” This kind of self-tanner contains both a moisturizer and a tanner in one product.
  • Spray/Mist: These are a big hit with DiMarchi because they apply evenly with just a light mist. Additionally, you can use them as setting sprays for makeup or as a refresher throughout the day to appear more hydrated.
  • Serum: Serums are easy to use and can be thought of as drops with more subtlety. Simply add a few pumps to your moisturizer,” she says, noting that they are typically subtle enough to use on a daily basis.
  • Mask: When you’re too lazy to do your lengthy skincare routine, you can use these. Simply wash, apply, and go to bed.

The Best Way to Use a Face Tanner Despite the numerous face self-tanners available, there is only one effective method, which we will discuss below.

  • Preparation for Self-Tanning: DiMarchi recommends applying your face self-tanner at night as one of the last steps in your skin care routine. However, the formulation of your self-tanner determines exactly when you should apply it. But, first: To begin, wash and exfoliate your face.
  • Application for Self-Tanning: Apply your serum after cleansing and exfoliating your face to remove any dead skin. The next step you take will depend on the self-tanner formula you use.
  • Self-tanning spray: This will come at the very end of your skin care routine, so spritz on the self-tanner after you’ve used a serum, moisturizer, eye cream, or something similar
  • eliminates self-tanner: After cleansing and applying a serum, mix a few drops of the self-tanner into your moisturizer, depending on how dark you want your tan to be. Then, rub your hands together and apply the mixture directly to your skin.
  • Self-tanner lotion: For a less-is-more approach, lotions can be used in place of your usual moisturizer.
  • Post-Application: Regardless of the self-tanner you use, allow it to dry completely for at least 30 minutes. This means that you cannot scratch your face or rest your head on a pillow. You are free to do whatever you want after about 30 minutes.
  • Following the application: Highlighter and bronzer are examples of makeup products that can aid in enhancing and deepening your new tan. Add a small amount of bronzer below the highlighter, from mid-cheek to ear, to even out any streakiness. Dot the highlighter on your upper cheekbones and tap to blend to give your skin more dimension.

What is the lifespan of face tanner?

DiMarchi claims that you’ll need to reapply self-tanner more frequently to your face than to your body. She says, “Because you typically wash your face twice a day, self-tanner on your face fades faster.” She estimates that applying self-tanner to your face two to three times a week should be enough to keep your desired glow.

The Best Way to Get Rid of Face Self-Tanner Despite the fact that it wears off quickly, how do you get rid of unwanted face self-tanner? DiMarchi recommends using a face mask that exfoliates and removes dead skin. The Drunk Elephant Baby Facial is her favorite.

On the other hand, if you want to keep your facial tan for longer, use a gentle hydrating cleanser that won’t strip the color, like Elta MD’s foaming cleanser. She also advises using hydrating serums only on the nights you use your tanner. She advises against using self-tanner on the same night as retinoids or AHA serums because doing so will exfoliate and strip the face, defeating the purpose. That night, stick to a simple skincare routine.